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Disinfectants And Fumigants For Pharma based Companies

Disinfectants And Fumigants For Pharma based Companies

Dev Gupta , CEO, Sanosil Biotech Pvt. Ltd.


Question: What are your current focus areas and why? How are they aligned with global trends?

Dev Gupta: Sanosil Biotech’s primary focus area currently is on addressing the disinfection needs of its valued customers by supplying them with our quality and eco-friendly disinfectants & fumigants coupled with our ready-to-use range of products. We have really succeeded in this area, and frankly speaking, it really gives me absolute confidence, and I am very optimistic that more and more customers will patronage us in terms of using our products for their disinfection needs in the coming years.

As you are aware, every player in the Pharmaceutical & healthcare segment, namely: vaccine manufacturers, life sciences, Research labs, Nutraceuticals, Tissue culture labs, Facility management teams, medical devices units, ayurvedic and herbal product manufacturers, have written documented protocols & SOPs to guide their routine general cleaning and ensure that all critical areas of the environment are regularly fumigated and disinfected to a satisfactory standard and as per the norms. As I said above, in this area, our product finds a pivotal role in disinfection and fumigation needs to maintain a very high standard of hygiene and sanitation as per the norms. 

I want to state here that Global Players in the Pharma Industry cannot ignore India. As predicted, India will be the most populous country in the world by the Year 2050. It is also that India will make its mark as a growing market, and there would be tremendous potential wherein such Global Players will find India as a good location for establishing their R&D as well as a location for clinical trials. Looking at these market trends and thereby increasing the demand for eco-friendly disinfectants globally, I am sure Sanosil Biotech has a clear edge for its range of products. 

We have seen that during the past few years that there has been a growing demand for eco-friendly fumigants and disinfectants in the healthcare industry. I also would like to state here that we have a specific approach that defines strategy, operations and metrics associated with manufacturing and thereby offering quality products to our customers.


Question: What makes you an ideal partner for the Pharma and Nutra players? What do you offer that is unique?

Dev Gupta: At Sanosil Biotech, we provide trustworthy eco-friendly disinfection solutions to our customers in the pharma & Nutra segment, which makes us an ideal partner of their choice.

Sanosil Biotech has been a pioneer and market leader in the H2O2-Silver-based products segment for over 2 decades now and offers its range of eco-friendly disinfectants based on the same. Our technology is imported from Switzerland and has a patent pending.

Our products are trusted by some of the most discerning multinational and domestic manufacturing companies and are commonly found in the SOPs of some of the world’s leading and most trusted brands. We have supplied groundbreaking and eco-friendly disinfection solutions for various industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, hospital operating rooms, food & beverage and agriculture, to name a few.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have added a significant new segment to our customer base that focused on facilities management. Over 15 million square feet of industrial and office space has been treated with Sanosil Biotech products, helping corporate India make its warehouses and offices safe to reopen, and we continue to supply our products to this segment.

We offer our product Virosil Pharma, a Single disinfectant that serves multiple critical applications in all these related industries. Some of the areas where Virosil Pharma is used with details on dosage are as follows:


  • Aerial Fumigation: Ideal replacement for Formaldehyde Fumigation.

20% Concentration fumigates 1000 cruft area within 60 minutes with the help of a ULV Fogger.

  • Surface / Instrument Disinfection: Apply 10% solution of Virosil Pharma on floors, walls,    

tables and linen. Dip the instruments in a 10% solution.

  • CIP/Loop System Disinfection: When used in recommended dosages, it completely 

eliminates Biofilms.

  • Resin and Filter Disinfection: Dip in a 1% to 3% solution to control foul odour & 


  • Storage Tank Disinfection: Spray the surfaces of the tank with 5% solution.
  • Linen Disinfection: Wash thoroughly with 5%-10%.
  • AHU/ Air – conditioning System: Apply as per recommendation


Question: What segment of your offerings is projected to have the maximum growth potential? How does this change in different countries?

Dev Gupta: As far as Sanosil Biotech goes, we foresee maximum growth potential for our disinfection product offerings used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. 

Besides Indian customers, Sanosil Biotech has its customer-base overseas in most of the countries in the Middle East, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Nepal, to name a few. Our discussions and search continue to tie up with international partners who have experience in selling and promoting disinfection products in order to increase market share for products overseas.


Question: India is a price-sensitive market, with a high proportion of out-of-pocket spending. So, what is your value proposition for this country?

Dev Gupta: A value proposition is a promise of value which summarizes how the customer will benefit from the product delivered to him/them. At Sanosil Biotech, we clearly specify the value proposition of its products as to why a customer should purchase it and how the value of our product is differentiated from similar offerings of our competitors. Similarly, as you know, developing a value proposition is a vital part of our business strategy, as the same provides a company with a method to influence customers' decision-making.

Our Customers in the Pharma & Healthcare segment know microbial contamination and pollution, which plays a significant role in their areas of operations. Control of microbes has always been the biggest challenge to these Industries. A load of microbes is present in areas such a production, warehouse, packaging, R&D, Q.A./Q.C., Filling etc., and they are present everywhere in the air, surface, water, instruments, linens etc., and since a very high standard of hygiene and sanitation has to be maintained in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry, it's important for them to opt for an eco-friendly disinfectant, to maintain a sterile environment. So, the disinfectants used should be so precise to take care of the microbial contamination, and at the same time, they should be user and eco-friendly products. Virosil Pharma meets all the requisite standards for the pharma industry for use in India and globally, and hence the companies in pharma and healthcare prefer Virosil Pharma over other products.


Question: Tell us about your recent investments/tie-ups/partnerships in India. How does it enhance your capabilities?

Dev Gupta: Sanosil Biotech has been working hard over these years to provide timely, affordable and reliable disinfection solutions for numerous industries and expects to continue with this momentum going forward.

We have shifted our manufacturing base to a new location with added capacity to take care of our customer product requirements in a timely manner.

As regards to distribution, we have added distribution networks so as to make sure that our products are easily and quickly available to our customers. We have also enhanced our sales presence/network to be able to reach more customers for our range of products.

We are currently also in the process of launching an innovative line of ready-to-use products. We are incredibly excited about this launch, as, for the first time, our disinfection products will now be available in the form of sprays and wipes. Our line of products stands apart from the competition in their eco-friendly safety profile.

In addition to our product portfolio, we reaffirm our commitment to our people and continue to invest in them aggressively to ensure personal growth at the individual level and also ensure career advancement for all.


Question: Where do India and emerging markets feature in your plans?

Dev Gupta: The Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the most significant emerging markets and has been witnessing phenomenal growth in recent years and is likely to be in the top 5 global markets by value. From its nascent stages in the 1970s, the Indian pharma industry has become a mature industry.

India is the world's largest provider of generic medicines by volume, with a 20% share of total global pharmaceutical exports. It is also the largest vaccine supplier in the world by volume, accounting for more than 50% of all vaccines manufactured worldwide.

India’s population is growing rapidly, as is its economy – creating a large middle class with the resources to afford Western medicines. Together these factors mean that India represents a promising potential market for global pharmaceutical manufacturers. More than that, India has a growing pharmaceutical industry of its own. It is likely to become a competitor of global pharma in some key areas and a potential partner in others. India has considerable manufacturing expertise; Indian companies are among the world leaders in the production of generics and vaccines. As both of these areas become more critical, Indian producers are likely to take a prominent role on the world stage – and potentially partner with global pharma companies to market their wares outside India.

These Pharma and vaccine manufacturers are running at maximum capacity and rely on our product to keep their manufacturing lines disinfected and sterile. Demand for our products is steadily on the rise, and we are in continuous contact with our clients and customers. Our focus is to ensure they have all the necessary support they need from our end to guarantee the quality and safety of their manufacturing lines and, by extension, the critical vaccines and life-saving medicines they manufacture for the world.


Question: What are you showcasing at CPHI this year? What are your expectations from it?

Dev Gupta: Sanosil Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is going to showcase its product “Virosil-PHARMA- an Eco-friendly Disinfectant and Fumigant”, which has been a well-established brand in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry for more than 2 decades now.

We want to take advantage of the diversity of CPHI’s attendees and delegates to showcase our product lines to new and existing customers alike. We look forward to interacting with various stakeholders, including but not limited to Director, Technical / Production Head / Research Head / Quality QC Persons / Micro Departments / SCMS and others.

Sanosil Biotech’s expectation from CPHI is to be able to connect with relevant stakeholders at our customers and business partners to answer their questions and build awareness around the quality and reliability that is synonymous with our brands and newly released product lines.


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