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Distillation Hub - Sujan Chemoplast

Distillation Hub - Sujan Chemoplast

Sujan Mehta , Director


Question: Briefly tell us about Sujan Chemoplast Pvt Ltd.  

Sujan Mehta: Sujan Chemoplast is a hub for the distillation of Various chemicals and Organic Solvents. We also  manufacture specialty chemicals. With distillation and specialty chemical manufacturing infrastructure, we oofer a wide array of products and services. Our distillation vertical caters to the pharmaceutical and chemical sector by toll manufacturing and distilling of a wide range of chemicals and solvents whereby returning pharma grade purity of Solvents and chemicals back to the Principal.  

Sujan’s manufactured specialty chemicals are served in textile, laundry, and certain specialty cleaning-based industries. 


Question: How do you differentiate yourself from your peers/ other companies offering distillation services?

Sujan Mehta: Pharma companies require a partner to have strong QA & QC facilities; we are fully equipped with the same. So what differs is that we do not purchase chemical crude to process and sell in the open market, rather are a job work unit only. This helps us focus on achieving qualitative and quantitative specifications for our clients and allows us to gain their trust when they know we have no other vested interest in their material other than doing the best conversion job for them. This also isolates us from the speculation of underlined solvent and chemical prices and decreases our exposure to a downward price trend. 


Question: Tell us about your facilities, infrastructure, and differentiated service.  

Sujan Mehta: We have a well-equipped R&D facility and a full-functional lab with a wide array of analytical and digital equipment. For continuous analysis, we have 3 Gas chromatography systems of Agilent technologies model 7820A & 8860, Karl Fisher, and Titrating equipment.                             

Our manufacturing facility has 3 units of SS-316 distillation columns with Melapack 500 packing equipped with a feeding system and water and oil ejector for high vacuum. And 1 unit of the SS-316 treatment vessel.   

Various types of distillation process services we provide are: 

  •  Extractive distillation  

In the method of extractive distillation, a separate solvent is used, which is generally non-volatile, has a high boiling point, and is miscible with the mixture but doesn't form an azeotropic mixture. The solvent interacts differently with the mixture's components, thereby causing their relative volatilities to change.  

  • Azeotrope distillation  

Azeotropic distillation usually refers to the specific technique of adding another component to generate a new, lower-boiling point azeotrope that is heterogeneous (e.g., producing two immiscible liquid phases),  

  • High vacuum distillation  

This technique separates compounds based on differences in their boiling points. This technique is used when the boiling point of the desired compound is difficult to achieve or will cause the compound to decompose. Reduced pressures decrease the boiling point of compounds.  

  •  Simple distillation  

In simple distillation, the vapor is immediately channeled into a condenser. Consequently, the distillate is not pure; rather, its composition is identical to the composition of the vapors at the given temperature and pressure.   

  • Fractional distillation  

Fractional distillation is separating a mixture into its component parts or fractions. Chemical compounds are separated by heating them to a temperature at which one or more fractions of the mixture will vaporize. It uses distillation to fractionate.  


Question: What is the importance of your industry? Where do you fit in it?  

Sujan Mehta: Our industry and the services we provide are crucial partners to the Pharma industry or any chemical industry where solvents and chemicals come out as a byproduct. We repurpose those chemicals back to pharmaceutical grade, allowing them to be reused again and again. Otherwise, these would have turned to waste effluents and would have to be discarded, which would be a financial loss to these pharma and major chemical companies and a major ecological loss for all of us.  


Question: What about your manufacturing vertical? What are the latest developments there?  

Sujan Mehta: Where the whole world is moving to eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals, we are developing our own A.P.E.O free (eco-friendly) range of products for the textile and laundry industry.  

In our manufacturing vertical, we are hoping for good things to come. As the market improves and raw material price level out, demand for such innovative products & services will also go up. 



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