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Hetal Makadiya , Sr Execuitove, International Sales and Marketing, Ami Polymer


 A lot of equipment around us uses the mechanisms of pump, from the smallest Pump used house hold to the large scale of the industries.

Peristaltic pump is the type of positive displacement pump used for pumping variety of fluids/Media and every need of fluid handling operations.

The suction and discharge principles of pump mechanism results in a powerful self-priming positive displacement action.

Peristaltic pumps explain why you should consider specifying one of your next fluid transfer application.

In every peristaltic pump a tubing is the only component which is exposed to fluid, play and make it happen an ultimate goal of “media/drug/ sterile transfer processing.” They can also pump “IV fluids or slurries with a high degree of fluid content.” It ensures that a pump doesn’t contaminate the fluid and the fluid can't contaminate the pump or its surroundings. It avoids metal direct contact, Reliable, easy to maintain and sealness.

The versatility and ease of use will help to meet multitude of fluid handling challenges.

The fluid flow is generated in equipment by periodically pressing a tube segment to the pump housing, now here a question arises ….! Why tubing?


Now a day’s variety of pumps are available in accordance to their special needs media transfer medium has to be chosen such as for high pressure “Hose Pumps”, long tubing lifetime 360 design Pumps” – which contain more flow per revolution & for low pressure deviation “Tube pumps”.


Increasing in popularity of peristaltic pump is just because of its safe & contamination free fluid transfer. As stated above each application demands a specialized tube material so far it’s been accepted that a tube material selection is an important factor.

At a glance lets go through the factors which play a vital role to match perfect fit for Peristaltic pump...!

1.     CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY – It defines a polymeric tubing behavior against fluid or media, it is must that tubing is compatible with fluid chemistry, if it doesn’t then will cause failure and leakage”, even chemical trace can also invite failure.

2.     PRESSURE – Pump application can be limited by pressure capabilities of    tubing, the pressure in the system is advisable not to exceed then working pressure in the tube else chances of leakage and rupture will increase.

3.     TUBING LIFE EXPECTANCY- The tubing material must have tolerable rated life expectancy to “reduce downtime and costs” associated with replacement.

4.     TEMPRATURE - The tubing material must be able to operate within the temperature range of the system. Users should identify the span of temperature achieved in the system and select a material with an appropriate corresponding temperature range.

5.     TRANSPARENCY – If visual inspection required during the operation then it’s very important to have a transparent tubing.

6.      GAS PERMEABILITY - For application where the media must be isolated from gases in the environment, the tubing material must have acceptably low gas permeability rating.

7.    REGULATORY APPROVAL – For certain sectors like Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceuticals, the tubing material must meet to certain “Regulatory compliances and Norms”

8.    DIMENSION STABILITY & TOLERANCE – Size of the tubing is directly proportional to flow rate of material. For better pump operation and effective flow, a correct size tubing is important. it’s a variance in the dimensions, where close tolerance gives better performance.

9.    COST - The cost of the tubing material must be acceptable in conjunction with its intended life expectancy. As selecting a low cost material is not economical as its life span intended to low and material with great life can be costly, “hence selecting a right material with least loss is essential.”

10.  SAFETY – Tubing choice play’s a major role as it will decide better performance or great loss in terms of rupture/damage to a process, equipment and human being.


ANS: Ami Tubing Offers Below Bunch of Particulars Which Make It First Choice of Pharma & Biopharma Giants

  • Precise/Ideal Flow Rate
  • Excellent Tubing Pump Life (High Durability)
  • Outstanding Compression Property
  • Dimension Stability (Precise Wall Thickness)
  • Smooth Bore Surface Leads Less Contamination
  • Tear &Kink Resistance
  • Excellent Biocompatibility
  • Highly Chemical Inert
  • Manufactured and Packaged in ISO Class 7 Clean Room.
  • World Class Certificate & Compliances. 


  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Dialysis machine
  • Open – heart bypass machine
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Analytical chemistry experiments
  • Food manufacturing industries
  • Construction & pumping cements

Aquarium etc.

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