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Lindstrom India Offers Sustainable Workwear Solutions for Pharma Industries

Lindstrom India Offers Sustainable Workwear Solutions for Pharma Industries

Manas Kumar , Global Director Pharma, Director Strategic, Marketing and Business Development APAC and Korea, Lindstrom


Could you elaborate on Lindström India's network expansion and its significance for the company's operations in the country?

Lindström India's strategic presence in Hyderabad is indeed crucial, particularly in the context of the region's prominence as a major hub for Bio Pharma and allied industries. With 12 centres operating across India, our focus on Hyderabad underscores our commitment to serving the unique needs of Pharma industries with tailored sterile and non-sterile workwear solutions. By expanding our network of service centres and facilities, we can effectively serve a larger customer base, including diverse industries such as Pharma, Food, Electronic manufacturing, and more. This expansion allows us to offer prompt and reliable services, ensure timely deliveries, and maintain high standards of quality and hygiene management. Additionally, our growing presence reinforces Lindström's commitment to supporting India's economy, creating employment opportunities, and contributing to the overall growth and development of the textile services sector in the country.

Can you discuss Lindström India's commitment to sustainability and how it aligns with Lindström's global climate targets?

Lindström India is committed to supporting Lindström to reach its global climate targets of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 across the entire value chain. In practice, it means that we aim to increase the use of recycled and bio-based materials in our textiles, switch to more sustainable energy and electricity sources in our service centres, and more sustainable alternatives in customer deliveries.

In what ways does Lindström India ensure that its workwear solutions meet the highest hygiene and quality standards? 

Lindström India prioritizes stringent hygiene and quality standards in our Cleanroom and workwear solutions. We employ advanced laundering technologies, including specialized detergents and validated disinfection processes, to ensure that our garments meet the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Our quality control measures encompass regular inspections, testing, and certifications to verify compliance with industry standards and customer requirements. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training to our employees on hygiene protocols and best practices, ensuring that every aspect of our operations upholds the highest standards of quality and hygiene

What are Lindström India's sustainability goals, and how does the company plan to achieve them, particularly in terms of textile waste recycling and greenhouse gas emissions reduction?

Lindström India’s sustainability goals are aligned with the Group’s sustainability goals. Besides the above-mentioned actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Lindström India has already reached a 100 percent textile recycling rate, which is the global target for 2025.

We also continuously strive to reduce the water usage in our laundries. In the recent pilot in Chennai together with Nalco Water, we managed to recover 74 percent of water at the plant, reducing total freshwater usage by 56 percent. We aim to expand this system to other laundries in India as well which translates to significant water savings in our laundry process.

How does Lindström India ensure seamless integration of Finnish innovations into the Indian market, particularly in terms of quality standards?

Lindström India ensures seamless integration of Finnish innovations into the Indian market by leveraging Lindström's global expertise and best practices. We adopt Global quality standards and technologies to deliver superior workwear solutions that meet the unique requirements of different industries. Our Lindström's competence centre teams allow us to access cutting-edge innovations in fabric technology, garment design, and sustainability solutions. We conduct thorough testing and adaptation processes to ensure that Finnish innovations are effectively implemented and customized for the Indian context, maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance.

Overall, Lindström India's strategic presence, commitment to sustainability, adherence to hygiene and quality standards, and integration of global innovations reflect our dedication to serving the Indian market with excellence and contributing positively to the industry and environment.

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