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Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals Driving Innovation through Discovery

Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals Driving Innovation through Discovery

Puunam G Kaushik , Deputy Managing Director and Chief-Corporate Affairs, Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals


Q: Could you please give us a brief overview of Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals?

Puunam G Kaushik: Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals was established with a visionary commitment to the development and provision of innovative biological solutions from its inception. Since our establishment, we studied production processes, including the analysis of ingredients such as API, KSM, intermediaries, and excipients. Our focus extends beyond product development, as we actively engage in educating industries on the benefits and applications of integrating our biological alternatives into their production processes. The overwhelmingly positive response from industrial, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors marked the beginning of our journey as a key player in the biopharmaceutical sector. At Meteoric, our vision is to become the finest and most sought-after company in the global biopharmaceutical landscape. We are committed to achieving this by delivering unprecedented, cost-effective solutions and services while upholding the highest quality standards and preserving our core business values and integrity.

Our belief in ‘Innovation through Discovery’ underscores our continuous efforts to enhance the quality of our products. We aspire to achieve production scale-up and advancements in bioprocess technologies in the future. Emphasizing the use of Automation and Artificial Intelligence activities, our goal is to strengthen bioprocess efficiency, ensuring stability, and maximizing output while minimizing production costs.


Q: Could you shed some light on the recent developments of the company? Also, shed some light on your expansion plans.

Puunam G Kaushik: Meteoric has consistently pursued its mission of providing safe and effective supplements supported by scientific data to ensure consumer health benefits. Our unique approach involves identifying clinically proven active ingredients, understanding the scientific justification behind their usage for specific claims, and formulating products that maximize health benefits, all supported by robust scientific data.

Research and innovation are integral to our strategy, positioning us at the forefront of the industry. Over the past five years, we have developed over 150+ formulations catering to various segments, including women and men's health, children and adolescents' health, geriatrics, and gut health making this segment one of the most popular within our organization.


Q: What measures do you undertake to ensure quality products?

Puunam G Kaushik: Ensuring the utmost quality of our products is a paramount commitment for us, especially as we operate in some of the most regulated markets globally. Our comprehensive quality assurance measures reflect this commitment.

With our presence in the United States, we distribute our products throughout the US market, adhering to the stringent safety standards set by US regulatory bodies. This geographical foothold enables us to align closely with, and even surpass, some of the most rigorous safety standards in the world. Furthermore, we extend our commitment to quality across international boundaries, actively engaging with markets like Japan and Korea, each known for its stringent safety standards. Our proactive approach ensures that our products meet and exceed the exact requirements of these discerning markets.

Central to our quality control efforts are our in-house Research and Development labs. These advanced facilities house dedicated sections for analytical research, quality checks, and microbiology research.

Our commitment to quality is not only evident in our adherence to the highest safety standards in various global markets but is also strengthened by our robust in-house R&D capabilities. This comprehensive approach highlights our dedication to delivering products of the highest quality to our discerning customers worldwide.


Q: Sustainability is an important concept in every industry. Do you want to talk about the sustainable practices you have adopted?

Puunam G Kaushik: Being into biopharmaceuticals, sustainability is at our core. The nature of our products, derived from plant, animal, or biological sources, emphasizes our commitment to preserving the delicate balance of the microbiome.

We repurpose probiotic strains, giving them new life in cosmetics, leaving no residue. Our sustainability is intrinsic. From the sourcing of raw materials to the reutilization of by-products, we uphold the principles of sustainability at every stage, aligning with environmental responsibility.


Q: Talking about the Indian pharmaceutical industry, do you face any challenges?

Puunam G Kaushik: In navigating through the landscape of the Indian biopharmaceutical industry, we face a set of challenges that span logistical and regulatory dimensions.

We have encountered challenges on two fronts. Firstly, logistics costs are escalating, making it more expensive for us. Secondly, dealing with the export market, especially as a two-star export house, poses difficulties for MSMEs like ours. While we're observing changes in policies, transparent communication is crucial for companies like ours to adapt effectively. Despite the department's efforts, swift policy changes occasionally present hurdles in our path to success.


Q: Is there anything else you want to add to the interaction?

Puunam G Kaushik: We take great pride in our ongoing initiatives that reach beyond the corporate sphere. One endeavor is our active involvement in social responsibility through our NGO 'Vishalwin Foundation’. Since 2019, Vishalwin Foundation has been diligently working in the special needs sector especially children with Neurodiversities. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for these children, especially those from economically weaker sections. We are dedicated to their rehabilitation and are actively engaged in initiatives that contribute to their well-being.

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