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We continue to be committed to our clients? business while putting the safety of patients: Parexel

We continue to be committed to our clients? business while putting the safety of patients: Parexel

Jamie Macdonald , Chief Executive Officer, Parexel


Q: Parexel has launched new #keepingPatientsFirst integrated research platform powered by Microsoft Azure providing rapid access to critical new Covid-19 data. Could you tell us more about it?

A: As the global health pandemic has evolved, we’ve seen the industry come together with a range of innovative solutions emerging. We are pleased to see that by using Azure, Parexel has been able to accelerate its work to help provide rapid access to COVID-19 therapies.

#KeepingPatientsFirst is focused on aggregating, analyzing, and predicting real-world COVID-19-related disease progression and outcomes using state-of-the-art machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics. The study is now available to provide patients and healthcare providers a leading reliable source for rapid access to pooled real-time analyses on multiple COVID-19 therapies thus facilitating informed, individualized treatment decisions and accelerating the identification of promising therapies.  

Q: What solution Parexel is providing to ensure that manufacturers can safely and confidently continue operations through the COVID-19 pandemic?

A:  Safely and successfully ensuring an uninterrupted supply of pharmaceutical and device products will be key to maintaining the development and delivery of new medicines for patients throughout the pandemic.

Parexel’s regulatory experts will partner with life sciences companies to ensure business continuity during these challenging times by rigorously analyzing manufacturing operations to reduce the risk of viral contamination. This will be accomplished through a four-step methodology, including risk assessment, development of a risk mitigation action plan, implementation of solutions and routine re-assessment to ensure companies are supported over time and as circumstances change or new risks arise.

Q: Parexel had recently hosted a summit on the patient relationship in the clinical trials. Could you tell us more about it?

A:  The focus of the summit was on further leveraging the site perspective in improving the patient experience in clinical trials, especially in light of the shift to remote and virtual trial tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as eliciting direct feedback and recommendations on how to best support both patients and sites during and after the pandemic.

Parexel’s Patient and Site Advisory Councils are integral to the delivery of its clinical trials. The company’s Patient Advisory Council provides a continuous forum for eliciting direct insights from diverse patient communities to integrate their experiences and perceptions of clinical trials with current industry best practices to shape future trial design and execution. Council members include patient advocates and caregivers representing global patient populations as well as representatives from Parexel’s Patient Innovation Center and Executive Leadership Team.



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