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With plans to introduce several new products in 2022 Freudenberg Medical is focussed on its vision to support the needs of Indian pharma market

With plans to introduce several new products in 2022 Freudenberg Medical is focussed on its vision to support the needs of Indian pharma market

Falgun Jani , Head Of Sales


Question: Can you please tell us about the different medical products that Freudenberg Medical is currently manufacturing?

Answer:Freudenberg Medical designs, develops, and manufactures products for medical device and pharmaceutical companies from 11 locations worldwide. We are a contract design and manufacturing firm and our manufacturing capabilities range from high precision moulded components and medical/biopharma tubing to drug coatings, finished medical devices, catheter shafts, and hypo tubes for minimally invasive and catheter-based devices. ISO 13485 certified quality systems and FDA registered sites are located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia

Question: How would you differentiate Freudenberg Medical's products from similar products of other companies?

Answer:Fluid transfer is an essential part of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, including the manufacturing of cough syrup and complex biopharmaceutical products such as vaccines or specific medications for cancer treatment, and the transfer process must be carried out in a highly regulated environment. Thus, with the growing emphasis on proper transfer tubing systems with escalating production capacities, the pharmaceutical industry demands ultra-pure and corrosion-resistant systems for liquid transfer that withstand the harsh environment of chemicals, which is bolstering the market growth of this segment. “Our identical manufacturing facilities ensure high-quality products in a clean room environment and a secure supply chain for customers. This is a reflection of Freudenberg’s commitment to providing the best and the safest tubing solutions. A dedicated sales and service team in India assures timely order processing and delivery

Question: Could you explain Freudenberg Medical's vision?

Answer:Since its inception Freudenberg Medical has been at the forefront of pioneering new technologies and processes in healthcare manufacturing.
Anticipating our customer needs is the cornerstone of Freudenberg Medical’s success and a reinforcement of our commitment to continuously innovate and enhance value for our customers. Our mission is to always put our customers first. “Freudenberg Medical’s foray into India by offering local support in India is a decisive step & proof of our commitment to provide the best solutions to support the growing needs of India’s pharmaceutical market.

Question: Please elaborate on the company's future plans.

Answer: Freudenberg is planning to introduce several new products in 2022 focused in the fluid handling space for biopharma, these include extensions of our current PharmaFocus® product line plus a new product line. Custom tubing & moulded products are also available for oxygen concentrators, ventilators, catheters, and other medical devices. Stay tuned for further announcements in the upcoming months.

Question: Where do you see future growth for medical equipment manufacturing companies?

Answer: According to a research report by Report Linker, the biopharmaceutical tubing market is expected to reach $6,013.27 million by 2028 from $3,442.82 million in 2021 registering an annual CAGR growth of 8.3%. An aging population and rising demand for minimally invasive procedures are contributing to this growth.

Question: What are the challenges that Freudenberg Medical is trying to find solutions for?

Answer: With the explosive growth in global biologics production, which includes vaccines and cell and gene therapy, Freudenberg is able to support customers worldwide from two like-for-like manufacturing sites outfitted with the same top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment, software, and quality systems.The challenge in the global supply chain is about sustainability & security of the supply of critical components & ingredients required to manufacture life-saving drugs & vaccines. Freudenberg Medical spends a considerable amount annually on R&D. Our global R&D team focuses on innovation in products and processing technologies in order to help our customers streamline efficiency and get their products to market faster.

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