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AstraZeneca partners with Australia-based LBT Innovations for new pharma product line

AstraZeneca partners with Australia-based LBT Innovations for new pharma product line

Australian medical technology company LBT Innovations, a leader in medical technology automation using artificial intelligence, has announced that the company has been engaged by AstraZeneca for the full product development for its APAS Pharma product.

LBT has been engaged by AstraZeneca to undertake a full product development project for the company’s new APAS Pharma analysis module (artificial intelligence software) to be used on the APAS Independence instrument. The APAS Pharma analysis module will be developed to identify microbial growth on settle plates used in sterility monitoring during drug manufacturing.

Under the project, AstraZeneca will fund the development of the APAS Pharma analysis module and validate the final product for their processes. The project is expected to cost ~AUD$1 million, with payment received based on achieving a series of technical milestones.

The successful APAS Pharma proof-of-concept was an important achievement that established confidence in the APAS technology. APAS Independence is an established hardware platform already developed and used by clinical laboratories. It is expected that an APAS Independence instrument will be deployed to AstraZeneca to support data collection and testing as part of the development of the new APAS Pharma analysis module.

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