Bormioli Pharma and Loop Industries Introduce 100 Percent Recycled PET Pharmaceutical Packaging

Bormioli Pharma and Loop Industries Introduce 100 Percent Recycled PET Pharmaceutical Packaging

Bormioli Pharma, in collaboration with Loop Industries, is set to showcase a groundbreaking development in sustainable pharmaceutical packaging at Pharmapack Europe 2024. 

The innovative packaging bottle is crafted entirely from 100 percent recycled virgin quality Loop™ PET resin, marking a significant stride in adopting environmentally responsible alternatives in the pharmaceutical industry.

Loop Industries, a clean technology company dedicated to advancing a circular plastics economy, employs its Infinite Loop™ technology to upcycle low-quality PET and polyester fiber waste into high-quality, 100 percent recycled virgin quality Loop™ PET resin. This transformative process aligns with the increasing recognition within the pharmaceutical sector of the need for sustainable practices and materials to mitigate environmental impact.

A recent laboratory test, conducted by a globally recognized leader in the field, affirmed that Loop™ PET resin meets the stringent standards outlined by the EU Pharmacopeia and US Pharmacopeia. Compliance with these standards positions the resin as suitable for use in pharmaceutical packaging applications, offering a reliable and environmentally conscious option for industry players.

The collaboration between Bormioli Pharma and Loop Industries commenced over a year ago with the shared objective of introducing market-ready sustainable solutions to the global pharmaceutical industry. 

The test results from independent third parties have set a new benchmark for recycled plastic products in the pharmaceutical realm. The bottles produced with Loop™ PET resin have been found not to release any substances deemed of toxicological relevance, emphasizing their safety.

Bormioli Pharma's EcoPositive offering, which comprises low-impact packaging solutions, currently represents 50 percent of the company's standard catalogue. This commitment contributes to positioning Bormioli Pharma among the industry leaders with one of the most extensive sustainable offerings on the international market.

Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma, expressed the company's commitment to becoming a solid, quality, and reliable partner for the pharmaceutical industry through the collaboration with Loop Industries. He noted, “Loop Industries shares our values and commitment, and together we made available a new pharma-grade sustainable solution, showing even greater safety standards than traditional ones.”

Daniel Solomita, Founder and CEO of Loop Industries, commented on the collaboration, stating, “Through our collaboration with Bormioli Pharma, we have developed an innovative pharmaceutical packaging solution manufactured from 100% recycled virgin quality Loop PET resin. This high-quality packaging alternative raises the bar for responsible solutions and helps set a new standard for sustainable packaging in the pharmaceutical industry." 

The unveiling of this pioneering solution at Pharmapack Europe 2024 marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future for pharmaceutical packaging.

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