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Ginkgo Bioworks Acquires Reverie Labs to Strengthen AI-Driven Drug Discovery

Ginkgo Bioworks Acquires Reverie Labs to Strengthen AI-Driven Drug Discovery

Ginkgo Bioworks, a company specializing in cell programming and biosecurity platforms, has announced the acquisition of key assets from Reverie Labs, a company specializing in AI/ML tools for accelerating drug discovery. 

This strategic move aims to enhance Ginkgo's capabilities in AI-driven drug discovery and advance its efforts in developing next-generation biological foundation models.

The acquisition includes Reverie Labs' infrastructure and software for training large-scale AI foundation models, along with the addition of four key members from Reverie's AI team to Ginkgo. This integration is expected to bolster Ginkgo's AI/ML-driven discovery services, allowing the company to leverage Reverie's innovative platform across a wide spectrum of customer programs.

Anna Marie Wagner, SVP, Head of Corporate Development, and Head of AI at Ginkgo Bioworks, expressed excitement about the acquisition, emphasizing the value of Reverie Labs' platform in tackling diverse discovery challenges. "The Reverie Labs team has built an impressive platform and architecture for computationally-driven biological discovery and validation, and it's going to be very exciting to be able to use the tools they've developed across the wide, diverse range of discovery challenges our customers face. It has been a joy to work with this team throughout the transaction, and I'm looking forward to working with the Reverie team to accelerate the development of multimodal foundation models at Ginkgo," Wagner said.

The Reverie team joining Ginkgo, led by Reverie's CTO Ankit Gupta, will play a pivotal role in integrating Reverie's technology into Ginkgo's AI/ML infrastructure. They will also contribute to advancing AI/ML-based techniques for engineering biology, thereby enhancing Ginkgo's experimental design capabilities.

Ankit Gupta, CTO and co-founder of Reverie Labs said, "Joining forces with Ginkgo Bioworks is an incredibly exciting next step in our mission of building and deploying machine learning models to solve impactful problems in biology. Working with Ginkgo's incredible biopharma and academic partners, we're excited to advance the entire industry with a positive feedback loop between generative AI and biology at the Foundry scale. We're especially motivated by the impact our combined team can have on human health and biosecurity worldwide."

Ginkgo's existing AI/ML-driven efforts, including Owl and strategic partnerships with Google Cloud, Merck, Pfizer, and Boehringer Ingelheim, further demonstrate the company's commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for transformative advancements in biopharma.

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