PLUSS Launches Two New Temp-Controlled Pharma Packaging Solutions

PLUSS Launches Two New Temp-Controlled Pharma Packaging Solutions

The phase-change material (PCM) technology company Pluss Advanced Technologies (PLUSS), has announced the launch of two new temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry: Celsure® XL Pallet Shipper series and Celsure® VIP Multi-Use Parcel Shipper series.

The pharmaceutical industry in India has long struggled with the availability of premium quality passive shippers that can ensure consistent temperature control. Commonly used gel pack-based shippers, expose pharma products to a high risk of temperature deviation, compromising efficacy. Imported boxes and containers that are leased work out to be extremely expensive with their own logistical complexities.

“Manufactured in India, Celsure® XL and Celsure® VIP offer a superior alternative to conventional gel pack solutions and expensive leased containers. Using our patented PCM technology we are able to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals in a sustainable manner. These solutions further strengthen India’s standing as a pharmacy of the world by increasing the supply chain reliability and ultimately delivering quality medicines to patients worldwide,” said Samit Jain, MD, PLUSS.

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