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Active packaging firm, CILICANT, launches third manufacturing facility in Pune

Active packaging firm, CILICANT, launches third manufacturing facility in Pune

Active packaging firm, CILICANT, has announced the launch of its third manufacturing facility in Pune.

The company informs that its new cGMP compliant facility has upped its production capability by three times and backs end-to-end production and distribution operations to support increasing demand from pharma and medical devices segments, during and post the pandemic.

In a statement, the company said that its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that deploys the latest technology for production; machines that not only deliver the best quality but also have greater production capability.

The statement adds, “Cilicant is reputed for its unwavering focus on safety and quality. All products are manufactured in a classified cleanroom. And every employee adheres to meticulous safety standards established in accordance with industry and regulatory best practices. By holding DMF with USFDA and Health Canada and ISO 15378:2017, quality assurance is a big part of Cilicant’s operations.”

At its in-house Quality control lab, both raw materials and finished products are tested as per the current US pharmacopoeia testing standards and engages high-tech instruments for all its testing.

Manish Jain, Founder, CILICANT, commented, “Continuous improvement has been the crux of CILICANT’s growth, with our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we intend to serve our customers better than before’. We thank our customers who have not only supported but encouraged us to outdo ourselves every time, it is due to them we have achieved this endeavour.”

Sumeet Sharma, Sales Director, CILICANT added, “The opening of the new manufacturing facility is an important step towards realising our goals to achieve current market demand of desiccants. The third manufacturing facility will be the first of many important changes in line with high-quality standards and will suffice the high demand of the end-user. This facility is expected to generate sales of desiccants and capture the major share of the desiccant market for the year 21-22, primarily handle all pharma clients based in India to suffice the requirement of the regulated market. Our sales team is absolutely on their toes and very energetic to serve the industry and work closely with clients with the addition of the new facility’.

Active packaging firm, CILICANT, launches third manufacturing facility in Pune


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More news about: packaging | Published by Darshana | July - 22 - 2021

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