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CSIR-CDRI signs agreement with Marc Labs to develop drug for heart attack and stroke

CSIR-CDRI signs agreement with Marc Labs to develop drug for heart attack and stroke

CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow has signed an agreement with UP-based Marc Laboratories Pvt Ltd to develop a new safer drug for heart attack and stroke.

The agreement has been signed for the development of a synthetic compound S-007-867 as modulator of blood coagulation cascade, in particular as inhibitor of collagen induced platelet aggregation. This may be helpful in treating patient population of coronary and cerebral artery diseases.

Arterial thrombosis is an acute complication that develops on the chronic lesions of atherosclerosis leading to heart attack and stroke. Therefore, inhibition of platelet collagen interaction is anticipated to be a promising therapeutic strategy to treat intravascular thrombosis.

The compound S-007-867 significantly inhibits collagen mediated platelet activation and subsequently reduces the release of ATP from dense granules and thromboxane A2 via COX1 activation. Thus, it effectively maintains blood flow velocity and delays vascular occlusion (blockage of the blood vessel, usually with a clot) and inhibits thrombogenesis (formation of blood clot) without compromising hemostasis.

This drug has less bleeding risk as compared to presently existing therapies for coronary and cerebral artery diseases. In animal experiments, the compound elicited better antithrombotic protection than the standard of care with minimal bleeding tendency. The institute has recently obtained the permission to initiate the phase I clinical trials for the drug.

Prophylactic use of this compound could be useful for Covid-19 induced complications.Besides, in Covid-19 disease, critical patients with ARDS, have high D-dimer and reduce prothrombin time (PT), suggesting pro-thrombotic state. In addition, these patients have high number of circulating neutrophils, inflammatory mediators/cytokine, CRP and lymphocytopenia. Therefore, drugs reducing platelet reactivity and neutrophil activation could be beneficial and based on these criteria the prophylactic use of this compound could be an option due to its high safety and less effect on bleeding time.

CSIR-CDRI signs agreement with Marc Labs to develop drug for heart attack and stroke


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